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Periodontal Surgery

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Gum disease or periodontal disease is a common oral health problem that can lead to receding gums and tooth loss if it’s left untreated. At Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, the experienced team offers periodontal surgery to treat gum disease, restore gum tissue, and prevent future problems. Schedule an appointment by phone or online to determine if periodontal surgery is right for you.

Periodontal Surgery Q & A

What is periodontal surgery?

Periodontal surgery is a common treatment for gum disease that repairs tissue damage caused by plaque build-up and bacteria. This type of surgery can offer the following benefits:

  • Regrows damaged tissues 
  • Reduces the risk of tooth loss
  • Diminishes gaps between teeth and gums
  • Eliminates bacteria and infection
  • Reshapes your jaw bone

Numerous periodontal surgeries are available at Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates. Your provider works with you to find one that best matches your needs.

Which type of periodontal surgery is right for me?

To find out which type of periodontal surgery is best, your Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates specialist reviews your oral health history, discusses your symptoms, and evaluates your teeth and gums. They take dental X-rays and might recommend:

Scaling and root planing

During scaling and root planing, which your dentist might complete before gum surgery, they deep clean your teeth and gums to remove hard-to-reach bacteria and tartar. Your provider also smooths tooth root surfaces to reduce future build-up.

Flap surgery

With flap surgery, your dentist separates your gums from your teeth to remove tartar under the gum line. They secure the gums back in place afterward, so they can heal to fit snugly around your teeth.

Bone grafting

Bone grafting replaces damaged bone with new bone from another part of your body, donated bone, or manufactured bone to hold your teeth securely in place.

Guided tissue regeneration

Guided tissue regeneration is a procedure in which your dentist places mesh-like material between bone and gum tissue to enhance tissue regrowth.

Tissue grafting

During tissue grafting, your dentist attaches tissue from another part of your mouth to receding gums. Doing so restores your gum line and covers exposed tooth roots.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment can reduce the size of pockets between your gums and teeth, restoring damaged tissue without cutting or surgery.

What should I expect during periodontal surgery?

Follow your dentist’s pre-surgery instructions prior to periodontal surgery. They numb the treatment area and offer sedation, so you’re comfortable and don’t feel any pain. After surgery, follow a soft foods diet, use an antiseptic mouthwash, don’t smoke, and avoid strenuous exercise until your dentist gives you the okay.

If you require periodontal surgery because of gum disease, you can trust the highly-trained dental team at Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates with your care. Book an appointment over the phone or use the online scheduler today.