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Additional Testimonials


If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

“All the best for '98.” – Angie and Norm

“What you have done for me in fixing my teeth has really had a positive effect in my life.”

“You could say, a person smiles when they're happy. But, conversely, and a little surprisingly, when you smile, you feel happier. Some of the hard knocks were a little easier because I felt I could smile through some of it. I'm sure many of your patients feel this way. If happier people are kinder, better people, what you do is pretty cool.” – Liz

“Dr. Marks, thank you for all you do!” – Susan and Michael

“Doc, thank you for the teeth!” – John B

“Thanks for doing such a fantastic job!” – Gina V

“Thanks for working your magic and making me another pretty face!” – Steve B

“I am enjoying myself in London. Eating lots of fish and chips with my new teeth - beside that the weather here in England feels like winter. I am looking forward to the hot New York sun and my next appointment with you.” – Maxine

“I would like just to thank you once more for treating me at such a late hour on the 26th. My tooth is in perfect condition now. You also saved the rest of my trip from becoming a disaster. Thanks once again!” – Eva

“Thank you, Dr. Marks for giving me the most beautiful smile!” – Diana D

“Thank you for everything! Keep in touch.” – Mary

“First thing I like to say is thank you. A smile can say a thousand words. My smile says a million words. Doc, the smile is making my life a lot easier. I never smiled when I had my space. Now I smile every chance I get. People really notice it and it makes my personality warmer. My smile lights up a room!” – Anthony M



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